The Team
A tractor to take the bride to the church at Homme House

The Team

Special People

We are incredibly grateful to the wonderful team of people who work with us to look after this special place; none more so than Megan & Roy, who have worked here at Homme for over 55 years as housekeeper and gardener, respectively.

It feels true, as someone once said, that the house is ultimately the boss. Well, the boss owes them all a huge debt. They are a camera shy bunch, but a brief glimpse is offered below…

Jocelyn & John

The current owners of Homme, Jocelyn and John took a leap of faith and moved here to support the previous generation in 2001. They took the bold step of opening the house for weddings in 2004, and it is their tireless passion and determination which has made the place what it is today. Since Charlie’s and Sarah’s return they have been less involved in weddings but continue to manage the Estate on a day-to-day basis, squeezing the pretence of retirement and the odd game of Bridge in now and again.


Charlie, one of Jocelyn’s and John’s three children, sensibly leaves the power tooling to his more capable half, but has other varied responsibilities at Homme, including planning events and managing the accounts and marketing (including the design of this website). He has mastered many new skills at Homme, wrangling the giant floor polisher and axe-wielding among them, and is particularly proud of his neatly stacked woodland wood store.


Sarah has a unique perspective on weddings at Homme, having been bride, maid of honour/guest and organiser of gatherings here. She lives in the Tower wing of the house with husband Charlie and can turn her hand to most things, from painting and decorating to flower arranging and buttonhole pinning. She is also an AMUSF qualified professional upholsterer and has breathed new life into many pieces around the house. She is never happier than with a dangerous tool in her hand.



Linda is a whirlwind who covers the ground in a blur with Carolyn keeping the guest bedrooms and bathrooms pristine. She has a PhD in linen management and is brilliant at keeping on top of the myriad things which need to be looked after on a daily basis.



Carolyn has recently joined the team and works hand in hand with Linda to keep everything shipshape and sparkling clean with a wonderfully sunny disposition. She is getting to grips with the geography of Homme and we are delighted to have her with us.



Billy has now been with us for a few years to help look after and further develop the beautiful gardens here at Homme. Trained in both arboriculture and horticulture, and with fruit tree care in his blood, his energy, enthusiasm and dedication are invaluable to all those who enjoy the beautiful outdoor areas around the house.



Steve is metronomic in his efficiency, working behind the scenes to keep the grounds and lawns here at Homme immaculate. He is also a master fence builder and chainsaw wielder working with Jamie to provide the timber for the main house winter fires.

The Duggans


Father Neil and son Dave have been an invaluable support at Homme over many years, helping with work required in the grounds. Neil’s skills with lime mortar have been put to good use in the ongoing restoration of the walled garden walls, which will comfortably prevent him from retiring for years to come!

The Wire-Haired Dachshunds

We have yet to work out how to harness the unique talents of Mimi, Inca and Cato for weddings at Homme, but they are much loved members of the family. They are to be seen heading out on leads for a walk in the parkland, which usually resembles a kind of chaotic, sausage dog maypole dancing affair.